So, like, I have a crazy idea. People don’t NEED to be controlled. They don’t NEED to be told where to go and what to do and how to do it. They need left alone to live their lives.

See I think a large part of what we see today is a result of control. Forced to earn money to eat, have shelter, to get treated if ill. In this culture of fear everyone, I know this may be hard to buy. I mean, what would happen without control?! People would be horrible!! Don’t get me wrong. That isn’t to say people don’t need means of redress – sometimes, people do bad things. This IS to say that people: one, inherently resist control, and two, inherently are need based and opportunity based, and three, we are creatures who learn on observation, are we not? Or so the theories I’ve been taught in criminology and psychology go, more or less. See, I believe that people aren’t evil. They won’t resort to Doing Bad Awful Horrible Things in the absence of control by government authority, as if it’s only human nature to not do bad awful horrible things to each other because we’re threatened with punishment. Of course, with that said, some do. Some people are friggin’ idiots, too.

But. By and large, if we give people options and teach them better, they will DO better. See, the majority of people don’t actually want to do bad things. Most of em are just people, capable of good, as well as evil, like anyone else and ultimately – they, like anyone else on this planet, just want to LIVE THEIR LIFE, and that’s true around the friggin’ world, and in any living human being on it. See, if we teach people better, if we treat them better, mostly – they will DO better.

Of course, there are ALSO studies that show, at least among rats, that the more crowded the cage, the more violent they become. I know from experience this is true of chickens too. Give them all sufficient space, and they chill out. They don’t go murdering each other. So I think this pressure we get, when you simply cannot get out of SOMEONE’S way, when you’re constantly hearing other people, constantly on your nerves, in your space, has something to do with it all too.

But here we are. We see crime happen. Rather than – remove the cause or address the problem, the government’s response is to increase control. And then we resist. So they crack down harder. And so we resist more. It’s a bad cycle.

But we aren’t in a cage like rats, you say? Then I say you must be one of the 1% rich elite oligarchs. Folks, let me say most of us *are* 100% caged. Yes, we *are* already UNDER control. We work for money in order to buy food and shelter, and thus we allow someone else to set our daily schedules, tell us when and where and what and how. We are expected to be grateful, to always be available and never be a human who gets sick or has a life outside of that because they own you, and will fire you if you dare be human or say no. So we submit. We live at someone else’s behest, kept just tired and busy enough we don’t care enough to question it. And we’re given just enough motivation and incentive to buy into it – if we work just that bit harder we too can make it to the boss’s chair. Look what the boss has!! That car. That suit. That expensive watch. Newest phone. Boss must be happy right? Can finally afford The Life?

Ask your boss. One who doesn’t lie is rare. Betcha they ain’t happy either. Nothing changes just because you got that car or that watch or that house. Not for long. There’s always more. And that’s the trick.

But of course, we can’t know that, right? We must submit, and allow ourselves to be controlled, people can’t be left to decide for themselves what to do with their lives! We most not stop seeking that latest new toy to fill the void – that would never earn our overlords any money! And if we go buy the latest pill to make us happy – or at least complacent – well, that just earns someone else more money right? So who cares!

And so, we are unhappy, and suicide rates increase, and we wonder why. Well – folks – perhaps a big part of it is we forget we’re – humans, and not rats, to live in a cage. Of course, another part of it is due to brains that don’t produce the right stuff (but that is not what I’m talking about here). We’re learning more about that every day, thankfully. But moving on, because the heck with rats – any animal on earth gets violent, depressed, and honestly, goes a little – or maybe a lot – crazy when caged. Society is merely a cage, y’all. But fuck. Just TRY to get them to let you live your own life, on your own terms…..

It takes being willing to starve over live in a cage any longer. And honestly, just ask most animals which they prefer. Ask how most animals that weren’t brought up in a cage react to a cage. Even we recognize it’s wrong. So why do we expect ourselves to do any better? It’s time for a change. Let us humans, human. Let’s stop pretending we aren’t animals. Creatures of nature. With skills and instincts and creativity. Creatures who crave freedom, and resent control, and who are perfectly okay without someone tossing them what leftover scraps they’re allowed in this world. Learn to be self sufficient. Or at least recognize it all for what it is. And stop buying into the belief it’s the fault of those in the cages with you. And think about the control. And the government’s response of increasing the control rather than lessening the pressure. Fixing the problem.

We only have so damn long, you know. I don’t know about you, but my life isn’t for sale. It’s absolutely beyond value. There is nothing that can pay enough for the time I am here, alive. And I refuse to have my life, my time, taken from me on threat of starvation, imprisonment, or the loss of anything that, being thus deprived of, results in death. That’s not freedom, despite what anyone else says – especially corporations, society, and a government which benefits from selling you all on the idea that it is. But in the end – it can’t be freedom. Submit to me or die is no choice. And without choice, there can be no freedom. This is why corporate is evil. This is why “free market” is a lie. Why it’s evil to tie health care to your employer. So when are we going to wise up to that? Is there any hope we will?